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Toft Newton 19/03/16


The first outing of 2016 saw us at Toft Newton.
Eight of us were responsible for landing 28 trout for the day.
G Jones – 9 – With more from the bank
M Wood – 8 – Biggest fish
B Jones – 3
B Greengrass – 3
Peter Aldred – 3
D Hild – 2
Chris Carter & J O’Brien – 0
Very cold wind blowing most of the day made lunch time welcome. In the afternoon the wind dropped but the temp remained very low and a cold group enjoyed a bit of friendly banter after a good day out.

Jim O’Brien

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Toft Newton Fishery on 8th August

Hi All,

After a very successful trip to Ladybower, where David big fish Hild managed another big fish of 13.5 lbs, on a dry mayfly pattern. David is in the habit of catching big fish. He had a big Brown Trout on Rutland water last year. All caught fish right on or in the surface. Fantastic fishing and very visual.

The next boat fishing trip is to Toft Newton Fishery on 8th August. I have not fished the venue before but I believe from those that have that its a first class fishery. I would advise that you have a look at the website www.toftnewton.com

If you would like to fish, please let me know by email please before this coming Friday. If you have not boat fished before we always put the inexperienced with the experienced. Hope to see you all there.

Kind Regards.