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Roy Jones Cup 2016

Roy Jones Trophy 2016

Congratulations to Chris Carter who was presented with the Cup he won last May at Carsington. On a very blustery day Chris won with 7 fish to his rod.

The 2016 trophy was fished for last Saturday 14th May at Stocks reservoir in the Trough of Boland. On an absolutely beautiful day 8 members fished for the Cup. Winning boat was boat 15 with 7 fish. Everybody caught fish which was pleasing. Some cold mornings had possibly put the fish down, because record bags were caught by members who were practising on Tuesday / Wednesday.


The winner of this year’s trophy was David Hild with 4 fish, followed by Dudley Hosfield with 3 fish – all these fish were taken in the afternoon. Chris Carter got 2 fish along with Brian Greengrass. Jim O’Brien, Simon Dowling and Chris Shepherd all caught.

The biggest fish of the day was a tremendous Brown Trout over 6lb for Mel Woods, winning him a bottle of the amber nectar.


It had been quite a week for Mel on his practice trip on Wednesday he got 24 fish including a massive rainbow of 12lb.




Stocks Reservoir – 5th September 2015

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P1050421 P1050419

Our day out to Stocks was again a good day for the lads & lasses of the branch. Not many fish caught, but one boat outshone the rest by bringing four to the net and releasing two more at distance. A day of difficult fishing, blustery winds and accusations of cheating by the top boat!
The eight of us started a bit later than usual with me and Dave leaving the boat dock at about 10:15. I was up the sharp end today and Dave took us down to Gull Island where my trio of wets soon produced the first fish. It took a keen liking to the drogue and promptly did three laps around the ropes making me lose two flies, but I got the fish, number one. A long spell then came number two to a Sweet Suzie. This was just before 12:30 when we said we would return to the dock for lunch. But we decided as we had found the fish at last we would have ours on board. This is where the green monster of jealousy appeared and the subsequent committee meeting held without a defence, deemed the fish caught during the lunch break were not eligible for recording!
At this point I had two, and David had two to the net. I went on to lose 2 due to poor knots giving under the tremendous strain of a gargantuan rainbow of at least 2 lb. (60 years fishing and I still can’t tie a knot, maybe a lesson for buddy night?). Dave went on to miss a few more takes to his floating flies and 17:00 was upon us.

There must have been an airshow nearby as a DC3 Dakota and B17 Flying Fortress flew over.

2015-09-05 15.18.13


My favourite 5 weight Marksman Drifter rod didn’t even get a tug. I tried all the flies in my competition box to no effect on the other 7 weight I had also set up in desperation to catch! Floating and sinking lines didn’t find me a fish either. I think we only saw one fish caught on another boat all day. I don’t know why it was fishing so poorly when conditions looked pretty good? – Chris.



It was quite calm in the bays by late afternoon but there was hardly a fish to be seen all day, even with a good ripple and overcast sky.

2015-09-05 16.13.02 P1050438When we returned to the dock we were met by some sad tired faces, only Judith had succeeded to catch.
That soon changed when the banter started and a good laugh was had by all, and we continued to laugh all the way to the local pub.
Yet another good day out for the branch members who’s ugly mugs are below. LOL


By Jimbo & Chris C.