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Leeds FDG Subscriptions

For a number of years now it has not been necessary to increase the Leeds branch subscriptions. The Committee reluctantly find it necessary to increase the subs to the following levels from October 2015

  1. i) Guest Speaker night fees will be increased from £5 to £8 for Leeds branch members and £10 for any  guests they wish to invite.
  2. ii) Annual Branch subs will increase from £5 to £10.

iii) Regular Tying night fees will stay the same at £3.

The main reason for this is to build up money to replace the IT equipment that we use, currently this is not depreciated in our accounts and will need replacing shortly. However in seeking to address this issue we have made decisions to be:

  1. Less reliant on raffles
  2. Be less at the mercy of bad weather and low numbers of attendance.
  3. We must as a minimum breakeven, on Guest Speaker nights and cannot loose money on any of these evenings,  as we have done so on some of them in the past.
  4. We have tried to reward the people who attend regularly by keeping the tying night fees the same.