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Toft Newton Fishery on 8th August

Hi All,

After a very successful trip to Ladybower, where David big fish Hild managed another big fish of 13.5 lbs, on a dry mayfly pattern. David is in the habit of catching big fish. He had a big Brown Trout on Rutland water last year. All caught fish right on or in the surface. Fantastic fishing and very visual.

The next boat fishing trip is to Toft Newton Fishery on 8th August. I have not fished the venue before but I believe from those that have that its a first class fishery. I would advise that you have a look at the website

If you would like to fish, please let me know by email please before this coming Friday. If you have not boat fished before we always put the inexperienced with the experienced. Hope to see you all there.

Kind Regards.


Ladybower – July 11th 2015

A short report of our day at Ladybower on July 11th.
Six of us made the journey into Derbyshire for this months outing.
This is the lads having a well earned lunch outside the cabin.


Not a lot of fish caught, but fish of the day went to David Hild with a 13.5 lb Rainbow.


And here’s the fly that got the fish for him.


​Thanks to Melvyn for organising yet another good day out with good company.
Next time out is to Toft Newton on Aug 8th.
James O’Brien

Leeds FDG Programme October 2015/2016

2015 / 2016 Programme

We commence on Wednesday 7th October 2015 at West Park Rugby Club with our registration night where Jerry Lee will tie some flies. Go to the Contact page for directions.

Any  new members will be made most welcome and introduced to the club if they come along. There is a bite to eat in terms of a little supper on this night.

In terms of our guest speaker programme, we have invited four relatively local speakers this year out of the normal six, in response to feedback from members to have the following topics covered:-

  • Tenkara flies and Fishing – Phil Sheridan,
  • New material innovations and dying of materials on a small scale at home – Andy Kitchener
  • Local Salt water Fly Fishing and suitable flies – Clark Coleman
  • North Country Flies – Robert Smith

We have Rob Denson kicking us of on Wed. 14th October with reservoir and river trout flies. The last guest speaker is a double act from Nottingham with Bob Lomax and Wendy Gibson demonstrating innovative techniques.

This year the  Beginners and Improvers programmes include all the bronze and silver level flies for the national FDG accreditation awards. The Beginners Programme will be led by Jerry Lee and the Improvers by Melvyn Wood.

We have scheduled “Buddy” nights in the programme and on each of these nights specific flies will be tied by an instructor as well as individuals having the opportunity before hand to nominate an individual fly or technique that they want help with, demonstrating or coaching on.

The Roy Jones trophy match will be at Stocks Reservoir next year on 7th May 2016.

We are going to have 3 classes of fly tying competitions  next year – the Apprentice Cup for “Beginners”, a new trophy for “Improvers “ and the Herbert Harris Cup for the new Advanced tiers group.

The trio of Flies for these awards will be selected from the Bronze, Silver and Gold patterns and need to be handed in by the end Feb 2016. Generally anybody can enter any class providing they have not previously won it.

The full programme is available to download below or take a look at the Events section. In addition to tying nights, Events will contain details of our fishing trips and competitions that are organised throughout the year.


Leeds FDG Subscriptions

For a number of years now it has not been necessary to increase the Leeds branch subscriptions. The Committee reluctantly find it necessary to increase the subs to the following levels from October 2015

  1. i) Guest Speaker night fees will be increased from £5 to £8 for Leeds branch members and £10 for any  guests they wish to invite.
  2. ii) Annual Branch subs will increase from £5 to £10.

iii) Regular Tying night fees will stay the same at £3.

The main reason for this is to build up money to replace the IT equipment that we use, currently this is not depreciated in our accounts and will need replacing shortly. However in seeking to address this issue we have made decisions to be:

  1. Less reliant on raffles
  2. Be less at the mercy of bad weather and low numbers of attendance.
  3. We must as a minimum breakeven, on Guest Speaker nights and cannot loose money on any of these evenings,  as we have done so on some of them in the past.
  4. We have tried to reward the people who attend regularly by keeping the tying night fees the same.

Fly Dressers Guild Team Competition Winners!

It was the FDG team comp, and four of us from the fly fishing forum got a team together – Me, Richard, Wynne and Dave.
All from different parts of the country and all FDG members of course.
The idea was brought up by Richard and the team name ‘The Forumites’ was my idea, (not very inventive).
We had to tie three flies each mine was the Coachman, and send them as a team effort to FDG HQ (details in Autumn fly dresser mag).
This we did, but it was a close thing to get them there in time as Dave’s dad was taken ill and shortly after sadly died, but he came up with the flies just in time.
We all received a trophy and certificate, and also a goody bag from Veniards with lots of good useful items.
Details of the comp will be in the next mag, but here are the pics of the trophy and cert.

Best regards,

Jim O’Brien