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Roy Jones Trophy 2015

Just to let you know how we went on in the Roy Jones Trophy competition yesterday at Carsington Water near Matlock. Eight Leeds branch members fished.

2015-05-09 11.54.19

It was a wild, wet and windy day however despite this everybody had a great time with everybody catching except DH. It’s a beautiful lake with crystal clear water and a blue tint from the limestone.

Judith Milner was 3rd with 4 fish, I was 2nd with 7 fish but Chris Carter was the winner with 120” from his 7 fish.

2015-05-09 11.54.31

Melvyn graciously decided not to put his card forward into the competition this year to let someone else have a go, which rightly or wrongly I accepted his wishes.

Bob Lomax was true to his word and joined us our boat totalled 19 fish so we were just pipped by 1 by Chris & Mel. Bob steered me to my total including the biggest fish at 4lb but he led me astray to the “dark side” to catch the 23” fish – as you know I am a purist when it comes to fly fishing.

I’m off to the Dee today and suspect I won’t have as much fun up there!

Dudley Hosfield

Carsington Water